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AWWA Heavy Organic Period Underwear


These are designed for period, discharge and bladder leakage. They have absorbent, stain, smell and bacteria fighting lining.

Heavy/Overnight Absorbency: 5 regular tampons, 5 pads or 30mls.

AWWA period-proof underwear is comfortable and highly absorbent, with no bulky layers or complex instructions. Even with the uneven flows that can be common in teenage periods, our washable period undies are great for reassurance. If you don't know when your period is due you can wear them just in case, or on heavy days wear your period pants as a back up for your cup or tampons. Use your undies all cycle, or mix and match - it's your call.  

The washable period undies mean you'll save on money and save on disposable period products! Using a special absorbency layer, the Cotton Brief period underwear will keep you comfortable, fresh and dry all month long!  

How to Manage your Period with AWWA

  1. Wear your AWWA underwear for as long as you would normally wear 5 regular tampons or 5 pads.
  2. Rinse your period underwear and throw in the washing machine with your ordinary clothes.
  3. Put on another pair of AWWA period underwear and go smash your day.  

Please choose your size carefully as we cannot refund them if they have been opened due to hygiene reasons.

AWWA Heavy Organic Period Underwear